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M40 Junction 9 Traffic JamNo more cars required!

07:52 July 1st, 2008. Looking north at the M40 from J9. No incidents reported.

Southbound M40 traffic is snarled trying to exit and join the A34 southbound. The junction is operating at capacity. Only a few more vehicles would bring the M40 southbound to a halt with tailbacks north to Junction 10, itself another bottleneck.

Heavy traffic joining northbound from A34.
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The open country in the picture will be built on to just below the horizon. The M40 is the eastern boundary of the eco-town. Weston on the Green is a mile to the west (left) on the far boundary of the gigantic site. The town will extend a mile north and over a mile south from here and be larger than Bicester. A quarter of the site is Oxford green belt.

Even a jamcam picture of a motorway manages to convey the full glory of Midsummer England. Why destroy it forever?



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