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: fighting Weston Otmoor eco-town

Trapped! Only when a passing car comes in will a resident be allowed out.

Yes, Junction 9 is at capacity so for a car to leave the eco-town at peak times, cameras wait for a passing commuter to turn off into the gigantic new Park & Ride car park. Traffic leaving is controlled by punitive variable pricing. So if people just drive past the eco-town without stopping the price rises to £200 [ref Transport Assessment Work] to stop residents being able to leave and cause a jam. Nice!

There will be a telescreen in every house with a continuous display of the cost to drive out. At 7.30am over your coffee you'll see it's only £25; with your cornflakes at 7.50am, it'll have risen to £60; by the time you've finished your bacon & eggs at 8.15am the jackpot has been hit again, yes it's over £200. Suddenly another day off looks like a better, and much cheaper, idea than that sales meeting in Abingdon you were hoping to drive to.

Barking Mad? Yes, you've got it in one!






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