Eco-towns Challenge Panel members say only one or two eco-towns should be built

The designer Wayne Hemingway and Stephen Joseph, executive director of the Campaign for Better Transport, have both said that "we might be better off just doing one or two as a testing ground for something larger", "there should just be a few exemplars otherwise if you just get the 10 you end up devaluing the brand". The work of the panel continues.

Fashion designer Wayne Hemingway calls for eco-towns to be cut (Daily Telegraph, 10th July 2008)

Read on the Comments page, the link between Wayne Hemmingway, Pro-Logis and the developers Parkridge and which questions his impartiality whilst being on the Eco-towns Challenge Panel.

Natural England say environmental impact of eco-towns greatly underestimated.

"Weston Otmoor would cause real problems for wildlife" (wading birds)
listen to the item (mp3 5 mins) on You and Yours, BBC Radio 4, 10th July 2008

Natural England has replaced English Nature as the government agency conserving and enhancing the natural environment.

House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee say lessons of previous new towns must be learnt

In a report New Towns: Follow-Up they say "there remains a need for the Government to conduct further research on the New Towns experience" and that there are "valuable lessons to be learnt from the New Towns programme in the context of current planning and development policy, in particular the “eco-towns” programme". Problematic features identified are the heavy reliance on car use, unattractive and shunned town centres and bad design of housing, public spaces and community facilities.

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